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Fortnite is a free to play multiplayer online video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It has three modes: Save the World, Creative and Battle Royale. Battle Royale is the most popular of them. In this game mode, 100 players are dropped on an island and fight to be the last man standing. It has been this game mode that made the game popular around the world, and as of May 2020, more than 350 million people continue to play Epic Games Fortnite. The game's global tournaments are also organized for the Battle Royale mode, and these Fortnite events have been going on since 2018.

As can be guessed, Fortnite betting is also offered for a game. In this regard, Fortnite gambling is one of the most popular esports betting options, and there are many sites that support this game. However, as always, you can find the most comprehensive coverage and the most competitive odds at VulkanBet: our betting offers are advantageous enough to meet all your expectations. Below, you can find detailed information about both the Fortnite game and the VulkanBet betting options. 

Fortnite World Cup Betting

Let's start with a list of global tournaments held for Fortnite as most of the betting options will be available for them. Currently, it is possible to say that the biggest Fortnite event is the World Cup. This tournament has been organized by Epic Games since 2018, and its grand prize total is close to $30 million. The World Cup runs for about 10 weeks each year from April to June and mostly takes place online. So, bettors can follow the Fortnite live event on the Fortnite website from their homes.

Not only teams but also solo players can participate in the tournament. For example, a 16-year-old boy named Kyle Giersdorf won the solo tournament in 2019 and took home a $3 million prize. Organizations such as Dreamhack and ESL also have local and international Fortnite leagues. However, the World Cup is the largest official event for Fortnite games. VulkanBet offers the best World Cup odds for Fortnite betting. We support solo, duo, team events and offer different options for each.

How to Read Fortnite Betting Odds?

We can say that there are two forms of Fortnite betting odds: moneyline and fractional. The first one is also known as the “American” version and based on “plus” and “minus” numbers. These numbers show what the payout will be for every 100 units wagered and/or how many units you need to wager in order to get this payout. Here is a sample: 



Team A +150

You need to wager at least 100 EUR/USD to win 150 EUR/USD.

Team B -250

You need to wager at least 250 EUR/USD to win 100 EUR/USD.

Fractional odds are easier to read, and we also use them by default at VulkanBet. These are simple numbers that show the payout for wagering a single unit. If you multiply your wager with the odds offered, you can easily find that bet payout. Here is an example: 



Team A 2.60

If you wager 100 EUR/USD and win, the payout will be 260 EUR/USD.

Team B 1.30

If you wager 100 EUR/USD and win, the payout will be 130 EUR/USD.

As can be guessed, the higher the odds, the bigger the potential payout. However, remember that high odds also mean that outcome is unlikely to occur. The lower the odds, the higher the probability of winning. In general, other than a couple of specific bet options, esports betting and traditional betting are no different: they are based on the same mechanics, and the general idea is still the same. You are placing a bet on whether a specific outcome will happen or not. 

How to Bet on Fortnite & Betting Options

The goal in Fortnite Battle Royale mode is to be the last player (or team) standing. Players are left on the game field (Fortnite map) without any equipment and must collect items (Fortnite skins) such as weapons, medkits and armor. These items come out of the chests inside the game field and have different categories. For example, only in the rifle category, there are different options such as assault, sniper, automatic, and each has a different amount of damage. The goal is to get equipment as soon as possible and try to hunt other players. If you manage to be the last player standing, you win the game.

As one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly betting sites, VulkanBet offers classic betting options, such as who will win the match, as well as exotic options, such as who will be the winner of a particular map and even who will get the first kill. In other words, it is possible to place bets for many different outcomes. In this context, we can say that the most common Fortnite wagers are:

  • Map Betting: A bet on who will be the winner of a particular map, not the match.
  • First Kill: A bet on the player or team that will get the first kill on the game field.
  • Total Kill: A bet on the total number of kills a particular player or team will have.
  • Match / Tournament Winner: Also known as moneyline betting. Simply put, you are placing a bet on the match/tournament winner. Betting on team, duo, or solo players is possible.
  • Top 3: A bet on who will be the last three players to qualify for the final.

As we mentioned above, esports betting options are different compared to traditional sports, but the basic logic is the same: Fortnite matches also have winners and losers, it is possible to place a bet for every outcome that fits this concept. 

Fortnite Betting at VulkanBet: A “How-to” Guide

VulkanBet is the best site for betting on esports: we have the best coverage and odds. Moreover, thanks to our responsive website design, it is very easy to place a bet on any device, desktop or mobile. So, Fortnite mobile betting is also available. Below is a simple guide on how to place bets on our bookmaker site:

  • To get started, select Fortnite from the left-side menu: all available matches and tournaments will be listed.
  • When you click on any of them, all the details you need to know, such as teams in the tournament, players, odds and betting options will be displayed in the middle of the screen. 
  • When you click on these, a bet slip will appear on the right, and you will see your bet here. 
  • You can go ahead and place multiple bets on the same event or choose a completely different event: in any case, your bet slip will be updated according to your choices. 
  • You can complete the process by pressing the "Place bet" button.

Now, all you have to do is wait for the match or tournament result. You can see a list of all your Fortnite bets on your profile page. 

Start to Bet on Fortnite Games Today with a Bonus

VulkanBet is one of the first online sportsbooks to offer esports betting and has an unrivaled experience for both Fortnite and other esports games. We offer you the most advantageous odds and allow you to bet from all over the world for the most popular esports for years. At VulkanBet, you can find betting offers for both local and global events and place bets throughout the year. Moreover, thanks to our bonuses, you can use your bankroll much more efficiently and get new opportunities. Choose a Fortnite event right now and place your bet: Good luck!

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