UFC (MMA) Betting

MMA is one of the oldest sports in existence. The name stands for “mixed martial arts”, and it is loved for the challenges it has for the fighters. The ancestor of MMA as we know it is believed to be the “pankration” sport from ancient Greece. There is a history of almost 2,000 years surrounding the idea of mixing multiple fighting techniques. Actually, many historical records point to similar sports that already existed in India, Japan, and Ancient Egypt.

But the present meaning of MMA initially came out in France back in the 19th century when a discipline called “Savate” was popular in boxing halls at the time. Many martial arts techniques were then used together by the boxers. The “MMA” term appeared in 1993 when Howard Rosenberg used it for the first time in a UFC match.

Currently, MMA is one of the most loved sports in the world and one of the most popular ones, but it is especially popular in the United States. For this reason, the USA is home to a lot of MMA leagues. 50% of MMA matches end in a knockout, and MMA athletes usually fight about two matches per year on average.

MMA is amazing, and for this reason, you shouldn’t miss the chance to make MMA bets. On Vulkan Bet, you can make these bets by using MMA odds and by placing different types of bets. Before you bet on this sport, though, you need to be aware of a few things.

Major MMA Organizations

In order to make an MMA bet, you need to know some essential information. There are several MMA organizations, but the most popular ones include:

UFC 🥊 Bellator MMA 🥊 Absolute Championship Akhmat 🥊 Fight Nights Global 🥊 ONE Championship 🥊 Rizin Fighting Federation 🥊 Invicta Fighting Championships 🥊 Pancrase 🥊 M-1 Global 🥊 Caged Steel

UFC is short for “Ultimate Fighting Championship”, and it is considered the largest MMA organization in the world. It has been around since 1993 and held over 500 matches so far.

Learn How to Bet on UFC

MMA betting can be done on Vulkan Bet. You can perform UFC betting and find UFC odds to help you out, or you can bet on other organizations and events.

To be able to make a UFC bet, you need to know how UFC works. All fights in UFC will have 5 rounds which last a maximum of 5 minutes. Following the matches, there will be a three-person referee panel where the fights get scores for the techniques used. Every round is scored out of 10. Things like hitting the groin, the knee, or the back of the head aren’t allowed. The same goes for head butts or eye attacks. One can win rounds in three ways: scorecard, knockout, or submission.

Once you know these rules, online betting MMA will be easier to understand. On our betting platform, you can find a list of MMA matches to bet on. By clicking on one, you will reveal information about the match, the odds, and the sports betting options. Clicking an option will add it automatically on the bet slip. It is possible to make multiple bets on a single slip. Confirming the slip will then allow you to complete the bet.

Popular MMA Bets

Popular online MMA betting types on our bookmaker include:

  • Single Bets – These bets allow you to bet on a single match and you have to guess who will win the match.
  • Over Under – This bet involves predicting in which round the match is going to end.
  • Combo Bet – With combo bets, you can bet on multiple outcomes at once.

You can also make pre-match and live bets. With pre-match bets, you bet before the start of the match, whereas live bets involve betting while the match is unfolding.

Offers and Promotions You Should Know About

Our MMA betting options are great for all betting enthusiasts. You can get some of the best odds and get higher payouts if you place the right bet. Even better, you can use VulkanBet bonuses to get an advantage during MMA bets. We offer occasional UFC free bets, which are great if you want to start a UFC betting career with no risks.

Are you ready to bet online on MMA? Join VulkanBet now and enjoy some amazing offers for UFC and other MMA events.

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